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Race: 2017 Tolo Harbour 10K King of Fast Course cum 4.2K Mini Marathon for Families (make up game)
Organizers: Lok Wah Runners Club
Date and Time: 19 February, 2018 (Monday), 9:00am
Place: Pak Shek Kok Promenade
Race Brief: The 10 KM race route is flat and speedy road.
Distance: 10KM and 4.2KM
Timing: Timing chip will be used as official timer
Entry Quota: 2,000 runners
Entry Deadline: 5 February, 2018 (or when quota is met)
The race is open to every body who enjoy distance running. However, all applicants must state that they are physically fit and agree that they are entering the race at their own risk and responsibility. They must agree to the declaration statement during the online registration process.
Entry Fee: No chip deposit required,All paid fees which are non-refundable.
10KM Race:        HK$130 for LWRC members, or HK$150 for non-members. HK$130 for full-time students.
Mini Marathon 4.2KM Race: HK$100 for all participants.

Once the registration is confirmed, all fees which are non-refundable and except with the Organizer’s approval,changing of participant is not allowed.

10KM Race (Start at 9:00am):

All categories are based on applicants’ gender and year birth

Men Women
Group A (1988 and after) Group F (1988 and after)
Group B (1978 – 1987) Group G (1968 – 1987)
Group C (1968 – 1977) Group H (1967 and before)
Group D (1958 – 1967)
Group E (1957 and before)
Trophies will be awarded to winners in each category

Men Women
Group A (Top15) Group F (Top 10)
Group B (Top 15) Group G (Top 10)
Group C (Top 15) Group H (Top 10)
Group D (Top 15)
Group E (Top 15)

(Total trophies 105)


Mini Marathon 4.2KM Race (Start at 10:30am):

All categories must be applied by Team in 2 person, 1 child under 18 and 1 adult must be parent. All participants must run with parent.

             Child aged below 13                         Child aged 13 or above                                                                 Group J                          Group K

Trophies will be awarded to winners in each category


Child aged below 13 Child aged 13 or above
Group J (Top 5) Group K (Top 5)

(Total trophies 10)
Participants who completed the mini-marathon 4.2KM
race will have a souvenir medal.
Souvenir Windbreaker and a souvenir gift will be given to all participants.
Baggage: The race organizers will provide baggage service at the starting point. Participants’ bid number will be used to identify their baggage. However, the organizers will not be responsible for any baggage loss. Participants must keep all valuables by themselves.
Chip and Bib Number Collection:
All runners should print or save  the confirmation letter to collect their timing chip and bid number on the race day.
Enquiries about this event can be made via below media:
For the race: LWRC website: https://www.lwrc.hk
For online registration: Email: cs@lwrc.hk; Whatsapp: 6641 7180

Regulations: A participant will be disqualified if he/she is found to be participating in an age category he/she does not belong to or substituting another runner. His/her result will not be recorded/recognized and the prizes, if any, will be canceled. Participants who do not follow the official route will be disqualified. Entry fees are non-refundable once the entry has been accepted and confirmed. The organizers has the final decision on the results in case of disputes. Participants should take notice of the weather forecast issued by the Hong Kong Observatory and ensure that they are properly hydrated if a hot weather warning is issued.  The race will be canceled if typhoon no. 8 signal or above, red or black rainstorm signal is hoisted on the race day and please stay alert of any announcements made by the organizers. The organizers may postpone the start time if necessary; please pay attention to announcements before the race start. All participants must follow all the announcements made by the organizers as well as the regulations of the venue management.

Registration Closed

Windbreaker Size

(cm) M L XL
Chest 108 112 116
Front Length 69 71 73
Sleeve 63 64.5 66

The Size chart is for reference only. Windbreaker size availability is provided on a first come first serve basis during the collection and subject to stock condition during race pack distribution. The organizer does not warrant any request in size.

多謝參加2017 吐露港十公里快路王暨4.2公里親子迷你馬拉松報。領取跑手包電郵已發出,請查閱郵箱,郵件可能在垃圾郵箱內。

提醒你,賽事將於2018年2月19日上午9時舉行,請謹記比賽當天提早45 至 60 分鐘前到達比賽場地領取跑手包。

10公里賽事起跑時間 : 上午9:00

4.2公里賽事起跑時間 : 上午10:30
規則: 4.2 公里 隊際比賽,每隊隊員必須一同衝線才能獲取名次。大會只以較慢衝線隊員的時間計算名次。如隊伍其中一人未能完成比賽,此隊伍便不能計算名次。


Participants who registered to 2017 Tolo Harbour 10K King of Fast Course cum 4.2K Mini Marathon for Families. The collection the Race Pack email has been sent to registered email address. Please check the mail box. The email may in the spam mail box.

Remind you the Race will be held on 2018/02/19 at 9:00am. Please remember to arrive 45 to 60 minutes before the race start for collection the Race Pack .

10KM Race will start at 9:00am

4.2KM Families run will start at 10:30am
Rules: Participants in 4.2 KM run race should be finished the run with team member for counting their ranking. The slower one would be counted the rank. If one of team member dose not finish the race, their team WILL NOT BE COUNTED for the ranking.

During our Volunteer is limited, please collect the race pack on time. We won’t distributing after the collection session.

2016 Tolo Harbour 10K King of Fast Course cum 4.2K Mini Marathon for Families

Result :



2015 實惠家居30週年吐露港十公里快路王暨迷你馬拉松

2015 Pricerite 30 Anniversary 10KM King of Fast Course and Mini Marathon

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