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Race: Lok Wah 100min Half Marathon Elite Race
Organizers: Lok Wah Runners Club
Date and Time: 6 January 2019 (Sunday) 9:00 am
Place: Plover Cove Reservoir (Helipad) Tai Po NT (Please refer to Map
Race Brief: The race route is mostly flat and straight road. In order to promote the long-distance run and to encourage Hong Kong elite runners, this year we have the special half-marathon ranking project. This project aims to rank the fastest half marathon in Hong Kong, thereby improving the level of the local long-distance run. Also, we invited Japanese National Runner and the Champion of 2018 Boston Marathon, Mr. Yuki Kawauchi, coming to Hong Kong for the ceremony and joining the race.
Distance: Half-Marathon
Timing: Timing chip will be used as official timer
Entry Quota: 600 runners

Entry Deadline: 30 November 2018 (or when the quota is met)

Elite Ranking Race –
The race is open to all runners without regard to nationality, gender and age. Applicants should be able to finish the half-marathon within 100 minutes. No ranking to be recorded who finish the race over 100 minutes.

Team Relay Race –
The team for relay race is the group of 3 runners without regard to sex and age. All runners in a team much finish one turn of the approximate 7km race. The total finish time of all runners in a team must under 100 minutes for ranking.

All applicants must state that they are physically fit and agree that they are entering the race at their own risk and responsibility. They must agree to the declaration
statement during the online registration process.

Entry Fee: No chip deposit required, All paid fees which are non-refundable.


Elite Ranking Race  Non-members
 HK$300 for successful register on or before 31 Oct 2018
HK$500 for late register
LWRC members
HK$250 for successful register on or before 31 Oct 2018
HK$450 for late register
Team Relay Race HK$450 per team and successful register on or before 31 Oct 2018
HK$700 for late register
Registration fee $300 will be given if there has Lwrc member in a team and successful register on or before 31 Oct 2018.
HK$550 for late register


Once the registration is confirmed, all fees which are non-refundable and except with the Organizer’s approval, changing of the participant is not allowed.

Race start time: 9:00 am



The cash award will be referred the following ranking:

Rank  HKD
Champion                    10,000.00
1st Runner-up                      7,500.00
2nd Runner-up                      5,000.00
3rd Runner-up                      3,000.00
4th Runner-up                      2,900.00
5th Runner-up                      2,800.00
6th Runner-up                      2,700.00
7th Runner-up                      2,600.00
8th Runner-up                      2,500.00
9th Runner-up                      2,400.00
10th Runner-up                      2,300.00
11th Runner-up                      2,200.00
12th Runner-up                      2,100.00
13th Runner-up                      2,000.00
14th Runner-up                      1,900.00
15th Runner-up                          1,800.00
16th Runner-up                          1,700.00
17th Runner-up                          1,600.00
18th Runner-up                          1,500.00
19th Runner-up                          1,400.00
20th Runner-up                          1,300.00
21st Runner-up                          1,200.00
22nd Runner-up                          1,100.00
23rd Runner-up                          1,000.00
24th Runner-up                             900.00
25th Runner-up                             800.00
26th Runner-up                             700.00
27th Runner-up                             600.00
28th Runner-up                             500.00
29th Runner-up                             400.00

Total Cash award: 68,400.00

Relay Race Cash Award (HKD):

Relay Race Team Winner’s
Champion  $4,000
1st Runner-up 3,000元
2nd Runner-up 2,000元
3rd Runner-up 1,000元

Total Cash Reward for Team Relay Race: HK$10,000.00

Note: All cash awards are regardless of sex, age, and nationality

LWRC member ranking awards :–

Men’s member cash award (HKD)
Champion – $3,000-
1st Runner-up – $2,000-
2nd Runner-up – $1,000-
Women’s member cash award (HKD)
Champion– 3,000元
1st Runner-up – 2,000元
2nd Runner-up – 1,000元

Regulations: A participant will be disqualified if he/she is found substituting another runner. His/her result will not be recorded/recognized and the prizes, if any, will be cancelled. Participants who do not follow the official route will be disqualified. Entry fees are non-refundable once the entry has been accepted and confirmed. The organizer has the final decision on the results in case of disputes. Participants should take notice of the weather forecast issued by the Hong Kong Observatory and ensure that they are properly hydrated if a hot weather warning is issued.  The race will be cancelled if typhoon no. 8 signal or above, red or black rainstorm signal is hoisted on the race day and please stay alert of any announcements made by the organizers. The organizer may postpone the start time if necessary; please pay attention to announcements before the race start. All participants must follow all the announcements made by the organizer as well as the regulations of the venue management.

All participants must follow the instruction made by the organizer/judge and running on the left side of the track during the race.

Baggage: The race organizers will provide baggage service at the starting point. Participants’ bid number will be used to identify their baggage. However, the organizers will not be responsible for any baggage loss. Participants must keep all valuables by themselves.
Chip and Bib Number Collection:
All runners should print or save the confirmation letter to collect their timing chip and bid number on the race day.
Enquiries about this event can be made via below media:
For the race: LWRC website: https://www.lwrc.hk
For online registration: Email: cs@lwrc.hk; Whatsapp: 6641 7180



賽事名稱: 樂華半馬拉松100分精英排名賽
主辦機構: 樂華長跑會
日期及時間: 2019年1月06日(星期日)上午9時00分
地點: 大埔大美督船灣淡水湖 停機坪(請參閱路線圖
賽事簡介: 本賽事之半程馬拉松賽道為平路及直路的比例很高之賽道。為進一步推廣長跑運動,鼓勵香港的精英跑手,並為香港最快的半程馬拉松排名位置, 從而提高本地的長跑水平,本會今年特設半程馬拉松排名項目,亦有請日本國家級跑手及2018波士頓馬拉松全場總冠軍- 川內優輝先生,來港主禮及同場獻技。
路程: 半程馬拉松 約21公里
計時辦法: 本賽事採用晶片計時系統。
名額: 600 人
截止日期: 2018年11月30日

精英排名賽 –

隊際接力賽 –
三人為一隊,三人不分男女, 年齡, 以接力每人約七公里的距離,3人總時間必須能於100分鐘內完成半程馬拉松距離才計算成績。

報名費: 無需晶片按金,

樂華會員優惠:10月31號前成功接受報名 250元,逾期450元

隊際樂華會員優惠,如隊際三人其中一位是樂華會員便可以每隊300元 報名,逾期550元。


賽事開跑時間: 上午9:00

獎項 –

排名  港幣 排名  港幣
第一名                    10,000.00 第十六名                          1,800.00
第二名                      7,500.00 第十七名                          1,700.00
第三名                      5,000.00 第十八名                          1,600.00
第四名                      3,000.00 第十九名                          1,500.00
第五名                      2,900.00 第二十名                          1,400.00
第六名                      2,800.00 第廿一名                          1,300.00
第七名                      2,700.00 第廿二名                          1,200.00
第八名                      2,600.00 第廿三名                          1,100.00
第九名                      2,500.00 第廿四名                          1,000.00
第十名                      2,400.00 第廿五名                             900.00
第十一名                      2,300.00 第廿六名                             800.00
第十二名                      2,200.00 第廿七名                             700.00
第十三名                      2,100.00 第廿八名                             600.00
第十四名                      2,000.00 第廿九名                             500.00
第十五名                      1,900.00 第三十名                             400.00

總獎金 68,400.00


冠軍 4,000元
亞軍 3,000元
季軍 2,000元
殿軍 1,000元


註: 獎金不分性別,年齡,國籍。

樂華屬會會員排名獎項 –

第一名 – 3,000元
第二名 – 2,000元
第三名 – 1,000元
第一名 – 3,000元
第二名 – 2,000元
第三名 – 1,000元

行李寄存: 行李區在起點附近,參加者需先把其比賽號碼貼在行李上方可寄存,比賽完結後需出示號碼布取回行李。跑手若有貴重物品,請自行保管,若有遺失大會恕不負責。
領取晶片及號碼布辦法: 領取晶片及號碼布辦法: 運動員須出示確認信於比賽當日領取。
查詢: 可透過以下途徑查詢本賽事之有關詳情:
網站: https://www.lwrc.hk 電郵: cs@lwrc.hk; Whatsapp: 6641 7180


參賽運動員 若不 依大會指定之路線進行比賽,其參賽資格將被取消。若已報名者在比賽當天缺席,或因違規而被取消資格,其所繳報名費不會被發還。賽果若有爭議,一切賽果以大 會最後判決為準。





2017 吐露港10公里快路王暨4.2公里親子迷你馬拉松
2017 Tolo Harbour 10K King of Fast Course cum 4.2K Mini Marathon for Families



The ways to Hong Kong Science Park – Pak Shek Kok Promenade :

  1. 公共交通工具/Public Transport

巴士/ by Bus

  • 九巴 KMB 272K 線 (東鐵大學站至科學園 / ER Univeristy Station to Hong Kong Science Park )


綠色專線小巴/ by Green Mini Bus

  • 27 線 (東鐵沙田站(排頭街)至科學園 / ER Shatin Station (Pau Tau Street) to Hong Kong Science Park )
  1. 自行駕車/ Driving
  1. 步行

Walking from the ER Univeristy Station Exit “C” to Hong Kong Science around 15-20mins.

Walking Direction Map

賽事名稱: 2017 吐露港10公里快路王暨4.2公里親子迷你馬拉松 (補賽)
主辦機構: 樂華長跑會
日期及時間: 2018年2月19日(星期一)上午9時00分
地點: 白石角海濱長廊(請參閱路線圖)
賽事簡介: 本賽事之十公里賽道為全平坦及最直線之快賽道。
路程: 10 公里 及 4.2 公里
計時辦法: 本賽事採用晶片計時系統。
名額: 2000 人
截止日期: 2018年2月5日
參加資格: 歡迎喜歡長跑活動的男女參與,年齡不限,但參加者須明白其身體健康情況是否適宜參加此項活動,並願意自行承擔在活動中發意外的責任,報名參加者即表示同意本賽事之聲明。
報名費: 無需晶片按金,所有參加者均需繳付報名費,所繳費用一概不退還。
10公里: 非樂華會員港幣150元,樂華會員港幣130元(全日制學生港幣130元)。
4.2 公里: 必須為2人親子隊際,每隊為 200元


10公里賽事 (開跑時間:上午9:00)


男子組 女子組
A (1988年或以後出生) F (1988年或以後出生)
B  (1978 – 1987年出生) G (1968 – 1987年出生)
C (1968 – 1977年出生) H (1968年或以前出生)
D (1958 – 1967年出生)  
E (1957年或以前出生)  




男子組 女子組
A 組前 15 名 F 組前 10 名
B 組前 15 名 G 組前 10 名
C 組前 15 名 H 組前 10 名
D 組前 15 名  
E 組前 15 名  





迷你馬拉松4.2公里賽事 (開跑時間:上午10:30)


一人為18 歲以下兒童,另一名必須為其家長:

J 親子13歲以下組 K 親子13歲或以上組




親子13歲以下組 親子13歲或以上組
J 組前 5 名 K 組前 5 名


(總 共獎項 10名)

紀念品: 所有參加者可獲精美記念風褸,及精美記念品一份。凡成功於網上報名的參加者,均可獲贈實惠網店www.pricerite.com.hk $50優惠券。
行李寄存: 行李區在起點附近,參加者需先把其比賽號碼貼在行李上方可寄存,比賽完結後需出示號碼布取回行李。跑手若有貴重物品,請自行保管,若有遺失大會恕不負責。
領取晶片及號碼布辦法: 運動員須出示確認信於比賽當日領取。
查詢: 可透過以下途徑查詢本賽事之有關詳情:
網站: https://www.lwrc.hk 電郵: cs@lwrc.hk; Whatsapp: 6641 7180

規則:  參賽者如被發現不合符報名之年齡組別或代跑,其參賽資格將被取消,在比賽中取得的獎項及成績亦會被取消。若不 依大會指定之路線進行比賽,其參賽資格將被取消。若已報名者在比賽當天缺席,或因違規而被取消資格,其所繳報名費不會被發還。賽果若有爭議,一切賽果以大 會最後判決為準。




(cm) M L XL
胸圍 108 112 116
衣長 69 71 73
袖長 63 64.5 66



1 2 3 4 5